About the Net-Zero Portal

The Net-Zero Portal is a public, online platform for tracking and comparing net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) pledges and pathways globally. It supports climate ambition and aggressive action by providing a comprehensive platform for information about net-zero pledges and pathways, reports and research, standards and guidance, and leaders in the field. Pledges tracked in the Net-Zero Portal are commitments to achieve and maintain net-zero emissions in entity-wide operations, communities, and value chains. The pathways tracked in the Portal are the strategies and approaches that entities choose and implement to meet their net-zero targets. The Net-Zero Portal offers a centralized database for filtering through and comparing these global pledges and pathways, alongside resources focused on net-zero target-setting and achievement across sectors and locations. The platform will house essential information on net-zero targets and pathways to help entities build capacity, and empower the public to better understand and follow the myriad of net-zero pledges and pathways by offering specific database search and comparison criteria.

The Net-Zero Portal will adhere to the following overarching principles that are focused on helping users build capacity, learn about effective strategies, disclose credible information, and exchange ideas. These principles form the basis for the functions of the Net-Zero Portal: 

  • Transparency: Support detailed disclosure and allow organizations to substantiate their targets and strategies with context and commentary. 
  • Consistency: Facilitate comparison of pledges and pathways with standardized terminology and criteria.
  • Accessibility: Enable diverse organizations to effectively communicate and understand pledge and pathway details by offering a publicly accessible, global database.
  • Relevance: Provide information that serves the needs of diverse organizations. 
  • Accuracy: Support accurate and comprehensive reporting of GHG pledge and pathway data.
  • Flexibility: Support a broad range of existing or potential strategies and users as the GHG mitigation strategies and targets evolve over time.
  • Accountability: Enable disclosure of planned, adopted, and implemented strategies, and overall progress towards target achievement. 
  • Interoperability: Maximize efficiency and reduce reporter burden by facilitating interoperability with other registries, tracking systems and existing documentation efforts.

About The Climate Registry

The Climate Registry (TCR) is a non-profit organization that empowers others with the tools and resources needed to help them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and take a leading role in the fight against climate change. TCR assists organizations in measuring, reporting and verifying greenhouse gases in their operations in order to manage and reduce it. Since 2007, TCR has designed and operated voluntary and compliance GHG reporting programs globally. TCR continues to serve as a trusted voice in GHG measuring, reporting, and verification with its voluntary reporting program, and drives climate action and ambition on the road to net zero by recognizing and showcasing sub-national leadership, building innovative tools, and forging strategic partnerships with and between national and international entities. The Net-Zero Portal is the latest addition to The Climate Registry’s (TCR) existing suite of tools and resources aimed at empowering organizations to do more in the fight against climate change. If you have not yet started on your GHG reporting journey, check out our website to learn how to become a TCR member: https://theclimateregistry.org/our-members/join-now/