Community Guidelines

The data provided in the Net-Zero Portal is self-populated by the corresponding profile owner. Before publishing an organization’s profile, The Climate Registry (TCR) will review the submitted information, focusing on identifying clerical errors and ensuring technical terminology or standardized language is being tagged in accordance with the definitions in the Net-Zero Portal’s Glossary of Terms. TCR will not validate or verify reported emissions data, quantification methods, data sources, certifications or accolades. As the data is provided by the organization directly, it may not reflect the most complete and current information held by the entity. The data must comply with the following quality standards in order for TCR to publish it to the Portal: 

1. Publicly accessible via published documentation including but not limited to an organization’s website, annual report, press releases and news articles.

2. Provided in good faith with a limited level of confidence.

The Net-Zero Portal is the result of collaboration with a cross-section of stakeholders and is meant to provide transparency to the public around net zero pledges and pathways. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to provide feedback.