Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Net-Zero Portal? What kind of data is reported? 

The Net-Zero Portal is a public, online platform for tracking and comparing net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) pledges and pathways globally. It supports climate ambition and aggressive action by providing a comprehensive platform for information about net-zero pledges and pathways, reports and research, standards and guidance, and leaders in the field. 

Pledges tracked in the Net-Zero Portal are commitments to achieve and maintain net-zero emissions in entity-wide operations, communities, and value chains. The pathways tracked in the Portal are the strategies and approaches that entities choose and implement to meet their net-zero targets. 

Why do we need a portal for Net-Zero Pledges and what are the benefits of participating?

The Net-Zero Portal offers a centralized database for filtering through and comparing these global pledges and pathways, alongside resources focused on net-zero target-setting and achievement across sectors and locations. The platform houses essential information on net-zero targets and pathways to help entities build capacity, and empower the public to better understand and follow the myriad of net-zero pledges and pathways by offering specific database search and comparison criteria.

Who participates in reporting to the Net-Zero Portal? Is it required?

The Net-Zero Program is a voluntary reporting platform and resource. It is open to organizations and businesses of all sectors on an international scale. 

How much does it cost? 

The Net-Zero Portal currently offers its extensive suite of reporting and viewing resources for free.

When is the Net-Zero Portal open for reporting? Can I join now?

The Net-Zero Portal officially launched Fall 2022 and is open for reporting and viewing. Click the purple “Register” button on the Portal’s homepage to start reporting for your organization. 

What is The Climate Registry’s role in the Net-Zero Portal? What if my organization is already a member of The Climate Registry (TCR)?

The Net-Zero Portal is managed and administered by The Climate Registry (TCR). The platform is the latest addition to TCR’s existing suite of tools and resources aimed at empowering organizations to do more in the fight against climate change. All business entities are welcome to join and will need to make a separate Net-Zero Portal profile to report, regardless of their TCR membership status.

How does the Net-Zero Portal define “net zero”?

Net Zero Emissions: Net zero emissions are achieved when anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere are balanced by anthropogenic removals over a specified period. Where multiple greenhouse gases are involved, the quantification of net zero emissions depends on the climate metric chosen to compare emissions of different gases (such as global warming potential, global temperature change potential, and others, as well as the chosen time horizon).

Please see the “Glossary of Terms” section in the Net-Zero Portal Resource Library for the full list of terms and definitions used in the Portal.