Dow – Interim Target A

Emissions reduction target
Description of Interim Target

“By 2030, Dow will reduce its net annual carbon emissions by 5 million metric tons vs. its 2019* baseline (15% reduction).” “These carbon targets are in addition to our 2025 Sustainability Goals, which have the following climate-related objectives: Though we will grow globally over the next 10 years, Dow’s absolute greenhouse gas emissions will not exceed our 2006 baseline Dow will obtain 750 MW of its power demand from renewable sources by 2025” “Expanding our access to renewable power by more than 50% to greater than 800 MW, exceeding our 2025 target of 750 MW of our power demand from renewable sources by 2025.”

  • Interim Target Baseline Year: 2019
% reductions committed to
Interim Target
Emissions reduction target
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