Istanbul – Interim Target A

Reduction v. BAU
Description of Interim Target

Istanbul’s greenhouse gas inventory for 2015, calculated with GPC, amounts to 47.3 million tCO2e. The calculations suggest that Istanbul’s continued growth, especially the number of its inhabitants, does not permit its emissions to reach its peak until 2050. The results indicate that the BAU scenario emissions of the city will reach 84,7 million tCO2e by 2030 and 117,9 million tCO2e by 2050. The measures proposed in ICCAP will decrease emissions, so that 2030 emissions are expected to be 57,1 million tCO2e and 2050 emissions 76,1 million tCO2e, suggesting a reduction of 27,6 million tCO2e (33%) for 2030 compared to the BAU scenario.

  • Interim Target Target Emissions: 57.1
  • Interim Target BAU Emissions: 84.7
% reductions committed to
Interim Target
Reduction v. BAU
Baseline Emissions