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Interim Targets

Emissions intensity target
Description of Interim Target

‘We have made significant progress towards our 2030 carbon intensity reduction goals of 40% from a 2008 baseline, measured in both grams of CO2 e per ALB-km and kilograms of CO2 e per ALBD. To further support our commitment to decarbonization, prior to the release of this sustainability report, we decided to update our greenhouse gas emissions baseline year to 2019 from 2008. This new baseline year will help us better communicate recent progress against our climate goals to our investors and stakeholders as well as modernize our disclosures in alignment with developing best practice and reporting standards. Both 2030 goals now require a 20% improvement from 2019. With the updated baseline year, we strengthened our goal measured in kilograms of CO2 e per ALBD since the initial 2030 goal would only have required a further 15% reduction from 2019 levels. Our goal measured in grams of CO2 e per ALB-km remains the same.’ (p70)

  • Interim Target Baseline Year: 2008
  • Interim Target Intensity Unit: co2 e per alb-km and kilograms of co2 e per albd
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Interim Target
Emissions intensity target
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